About me

My name is Reed Howard. I am a professional golfer who for many years has been competing on multiple tours.  I have had my fair share of swing difficulties, as we all have.  The Steadhead was a product I simply made for myself to help improve my game.  As soon as I thought to make it, and clipped the original prototype to my hat, my swing was never the same.  Immediately, I had instant feedback on whether or not my head was moving, something that was previously impossible to achieve without video or an on site instructor.  Within a matter of weeks my head motion had gone down to almost nothing and I was hitting it so solidly, I couldn't believe it.  Swinging around a stable center isn't the only fundamental in golf, but it is a HUGE one.  I started showing it to other touring pros as well as friends and family and they were all getting the same results.  Less motion of the head which immediately leads to a huge improvement in strike and the ball goes straighter with a more consistent ball flight.  Also, especially for the higher handicaps, the more solid strikes leads to more distance.  It is one of the oldest sayings in golf "keep your head still."  Now by using the Steadhead that is easier than ever.