Golf Training Aid

The first and only easy solution to stabilize your swing and follow the oldest and purest piece of golf knowledge. 

"Keep your head still"


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Steadhead Intro

Learn How to use your Steadhead Correctly

How to Use

The best way to apply the Steadhead to your practice routine

7 Iron

Learn to slowly move up the set


Complete your mastery of the steadhead by hitting full Driver without the steadhead moving

How to Use

1.  Clip to center of brim in between both eyes. 
2. Make sure that the horizontal cone is level
3. Focus on the ball and swing (note that you will see the stead head moving in front of your face without needing to look directly at it). Always have your eyes fixed on the ball
4. Remember to use practice swings! You may find that keeping your head still is hard, but It is easier to keep it still with practice swings first and then move onto hitting wedges, then irons, and eventually woods.
5. See how solidly you hit the ball with a still head and beat all your friends with ease.

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